"When David makes a song he doesn’t just make a song, he makes a character as well. All his songs, to me, are like little plays. He’s the playwright and he’s also the actor." - Brian Eno [x]

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Something Really Fishy, The 1.Outside Outtakes (download)



  1. "Hello Leon"
  2. "I Am With Name / Hide Me / We Creep Together Part. I"
  3. "Hide Me / We Creep Together Part. II"
  4. "I Wanna Be"
  5. "The First Time"
  6. "I Am With Name / We Creep Together Part. III"
  7. "Nothing To Be Desired" (a demo from the 1.Outside sessions originally not included in the Something Really Fishy bootleg)

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(c) bowies-union-jack-coat


(c) bowies-union-jack-coat

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Some of Bowie’s Minotaur artwork. With Dicks. I think the one on the bottom is jerking off. I find this more awesome than I should lol.

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nickfar said: Hi i realy enjoy your page.i am a big bowie fan and mainly outside stuff.have you ever seen the mexican outside comic which was an officail outside promo in Mexico ?

Yes! I had it saved on my computer for a long time. I loved the art style! What’s your favorite character from the story?


The music is outside. It’s happening now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday. Not tomorrow. 

David Bowie- Outside

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Silvermoon's Art Blog: Re-doing Outside


Don’t get me wrong, I love the comic and where it’s going. But I’ve been going back through it and, let’s face it, there is SO much that needs to be fixed! I think I’ve improved since starting it too, so it’s time for a tune-up

I need to take out some stuff too. there’s a few unnecessary bits…

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“And I’ll stand by you now…”

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it was definitely murder….

it was definitely murder….

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